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Ashton Kutcher Plays Freaky Friday Football

Ashton Kutcher is working on a movie which is probably best described as Freaky Friday with football. It’s called Traded and the title doesn’t refer to T.O. being traded to the Dallas Cowboys.

Variedy says Traded is about an NFL superstar quarterback who magically trades bodies with a 12-year-old geek. By swapping lives they learn valuable lessons and we all have a good laugh at their expense. Because there’s so much we could all learn from kids. Ok probably not but it makes us feel better about all that shitty graffiti on the overpass if we pretend the kids doing it are just expressing themselves rather than being demon seeds ruining society.

Not that this movie is about taggers. It’s about a geek, which means our NFL football player, who I’d guess will be played by Kutcher, will learn life lessons via wedgie. Or maybe he’ll be sex crazed. That’s Hollywood’s big thing these days. Look out for nerds! They don’t get any so they’re all sex crazed! This should be a fantastic movie. Maybe even better than Air Bud: Golden Receiver.