Smirking ingénue Aubrey Plaza is undoubtedly best known for her portrayal of April Dwyer nee Ludgate, the eye-rolling hipster of Parks and Recreation. The dark-haired comedienne with a seductive scowl has also snagged roles in films like Funny People and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, but often these parts are just as ill-tempered or at least as outwardly glum as April, meaning Plaza is fast running the risk of being seen as one note, a fate that could well cripple her career as it did her Scott Pilgrim co-star Michael Cera.

However, Plaza could be on the brink of a niche-adjustment and career re-invigoration thanks to her soon-to-hit comedy Safety Not Guaranteed. In the movie starts off as the standardly snarky girl she's long-played, but is offered the chance to exchange her cynicism for hope and romanticism when her character meets an aspiring time-traveler played by The League's Mark Duplass.

With this Sundance selected feature set to open at the end of June, Plaza is doing the promotional rounds, and while talking to Latino Review she revealed she has another promising picture on the horizon. “I am working on a movie next month in Romania with Shia LeBeouf, " she shared, "It’s called, The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman.”

Based on a pulp romance, the Fredrik Bond directorial debut stars LaBeouf as the eponymous man whose life is at risk after falling for a gangster's moll. Evan Rachel Wood has signed on to play the life-endangering love interest, while Mads Mikkelsen is set to her jealous thug beau. Also on board are Til Schweiger—as a war criminal turned strip club owner—and Oscar-winner Melissa Leo—as Charlie's dead mother who haunts him with unsolicited advice. Plaza's role remains a mystery. Hopefully--whatever her role—it will be a break from the glowering girls she's become so known for.

Safety Not Guaranteed opens June 8th; The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman is slated for a 2013 release.

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