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Almost a year to the day after he first premiered footage from his film on Avatar Day, James Cameron is bringing Pandora back to theaters for a victory lap. Fox has announced (via MCN) that on August 27 Avatar will be re-released in theaters, containing 8 minutes of new footage and giving audiences the chance to see the movie in 3D one more time.

This is another cash grab, of course, but you can choose whether or not you want to be excited about it. I for one really liked Avatar, and even though I saw it three times in its first theatrical release, I wouldn't mind jumping back into that immersive movie experience. Especially with all the awful 3D we've been subjected to since Avatar's success, it might be nice to experience what real 3D is supposed to look like, made by people who actually care about what you can see.

But then again, it's just putting more money into James Cameron's pocket-- again, a cash grab. It's your call as to what you choose to do on August 27, but I think you know where you'll be able to find me.

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