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By now we're all pretty familiar with the Avengers logo and teaser poster, with the giant A that's so big it can't even fit on the poster. But with the movie set to open in just over 5 months-- May 4, 2012!-- it's time to jazz up the poster a little bit. And how better to do it than with the images of the Avengers themselves?

Today Yahoo! has premiered a new banner poster, which I can almost guarantee will be split into four separate character posters at some point down the line. And Moviefone has taken care of the other half of the movie's lineup, debuting a similar banner featuring Black Widow, Hawkeye, Loki and Nick Fury. Take a look down below to see that one, plus Captain America, The Hulk (in Bruce Banner form), Iron Man and Thor looking heroic and a little fearsome behind that familiar Avengers logo. Higher-res versions are available at both sites.

I like the green light they're shining on Ruffalo's face to give us a hint of the Hulk to come without actually revealing the big green guy. In fact, aside from some promo art and a very brief glimpse at the end of the first trailer, we haven't really seen much of the Hulk at all. You can use this as an opportunity to worry-- is the CGI not quite up to snuff?-- but I prefer to believe they're using the shark from Jaws technique, holding off the reveal as long as possible to make the impact all the greater.

Though the May release date is starting to feel close, it might actually be a while before we see anything really significant from The Avengers-- after all, Robert Downey Jr. has Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows coming out, and you'd hate to see one franchise overshadow the other. So take a look at these and enjoy them, since they might be all we get for a while.