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With the possible exception of Christopher Nolan's Inception, there's not a 2010 movie I'm more excited about than True Grit. It's great enough to look forward to the Coen Brothers taking on a classic Western, but the fact that they've assembled Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin for the cast makes the whole thing a must-see.

Now one more name has been added to sweeten the deal even further. Variety reports that Barry Pepper has signed on to play a character named, er, "Lucky" Ned Pepper-- does that count as typecasting? Robert Duvall originated the role in the 1969 original film, which makes for some serious shoes to fill, but Pepper's been a stalwart character for actors now, and I assume he's more than up for it. really, I'm just ready for this thing to start filming so we can see lots, lots more pictures of Jeff Bridges in a cowboy hat.

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