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Batman Getting An Arsenal Of New Vehicles For Dark Knight Rises

Every Batman movie usually introduces at least one new vehicle. In The Dark Knight we got the Bat-pod, and that crazy flip it does on the wall is still one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen on film. For the new movie we’re sure to get even more new vehicles, in part because the old ones were scrap metal by the time the last movie was over and in larger part because, well, it’s just fun.

There’s no official word on what new Bat-contraptions we might see but Batman-On-Film usually has a good connection to the Bat-world and they’ve heard a few rumors about what Batman may be riding around in. Read no further if you don’t want to know!

Warning: Potential, minor, Dark Knight Rises spoilers follow.

One of their long-time trusted sources tells them that we may finally see the Bat-plane, Batwing or some sort of aerial Bat-vehicle. Batman had an aircraft in most of his other incarnations, starting with the first Tim Burton movie back in 1989 and going right on through the Schumacher years. So far Christopher Nolan has kept it all to ground transportation and the occasional cape-turned-hang-glider.

BOF’s source also confirms that in the wake of the Tumbler’s destruction in Dark Knight they’re redesigning the Batmobile. It may just be a variation on the Tumbler or something even studier, a full-on Bat-tank.

It’s all rumor for now but it’s never a bad time to talk about Bat-vehicles. What would you like to see transporting Christian Bale around in Dark Knight Rises? Are you hoping for a Bat-rocket? Bat-copter? Bat-bicycle? Yeah, we probably don’t need a Bat-bicycle. Where’s the Bat-sub? It’s high time someone brought up the Titanic.