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Having cemented Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck for the titular roles in Batman vs. Superman, director Zack Snyder has begun selecting his key crew members for the Man of Steel sequel that already has the internet in a lather. Superhero Hype reports that cinematographer Larry Fong has signed on to shoot the film, marking his fourth collaboration with Snyder.

Fong first shot for Snyder back in 2006 on the polarizing filmmaker’s stylish war drama 300, which proved a smashing success pulling in more than $456 million worldwide, not to mention a legion of new fans for Snyder. Next the two teamed up for their first superhero collaboration, Watchmen. For that live-action feature Fong and Snyder carefully recreated the panels from the Alan Moore comic on which it was based. This approach divided critics and audiences, earning the $130 million film mixed reviews and underwhelming box of $185 million globally.

Their third collaboration was 2011’s female-fronted action-adventure Sucker Punch , which proved their least successful venture thus far. The movie was largely loathed by critics, and audiences weren’t much more receptive, and ultimately the $82 million dollar movie made only $36 million domestically despite a lush (and likely very costly) ad campaign. Internationally, Sucker Punch’s numbers were boosted to $89 mil, which was not enough to save its reputation.

Nonetheless, Snyder rebounded, having miraculously been offered the director’s chair of Man of Steel, for which he chose Transformers: Dark of the Moon DP Amir Mokri for the arduous shoot that lasted from August 1st, 2011 through early 2012. The tentpole movie with a gargantuan budget of $225 million earned mixed reviews and an astounding $657 million worldwide. And despite some devoted Superman enthusiasts—like Chronicle scribe Max Landis and comic writer Mark Waid—deep hatred for Snyder’s take on this iconic superhero, we imagine the film’s success has given him a lot of negotiation power/trust with Warner Bros, probably make Fong’s hiring a smooth one.

Production on Batman vs. Superman is expected to roll into production in Detroit early next year. Its theatrical release is scheduled to follow on July 17th, 2015. So mark your calendar. In the meantime, you can check out Fong’s reel—which includes commercials and movie clips—here. Or revisit a couple of trailers from his collaborations with Snyder, below:

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