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Behind-The-Scenes Watchmen Portraits Are Dazzling

There are lots of people hoping that Watchmen will be a hit, from Zack Snyder and the lead actors down to the untold numbers of fans who desperately want to love this movie adaptation of a classic novel. But one person with an unusual amount of stake in the movie's success is Clay Enos, who took behind-the-scenes portraits of the movie's cast and captured it all in a book, Watchmen: Portraits.

The pictures are valuable already, of course, to those of us fascinated by the movie. But if the film really is a hit, and draw interest from millions of people, we'll all want to see the photos from behind the scenes, get a close-up look at the woman playing the Silhouette, or the pair of young Rorschach and his mother. The photographs are gorgeous regardless, and anyone who knows Watchmen already will be fascinated to look behind the scenes of a movie they haven't even seen yet. You can see the full gallery at, or check out four selected images below.

As anticipation for Watchmen grows, any new information about the film is worth checking out. That goes double for photos as evocative as these. Be sure to check out the entire gallery, to help you hold your horses until the March 6 release date.

Pay careful attention to the photo of the guys in military fatigues; one of them is director Zack Snyder, making his obligatory cameo. And yes, those are actors playing a young David Bowie and Mick Jagger; being that Watchmen deals a lot with actual historical events, rock stars make a cameo along with Nixon.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend