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Hey Twilight fans. How would you like to sleep in the same bed where Bella (Kristen Stewart) first kissed her soulless soul mate, Edward (Robert Pattinson), in the first Twilight film?

Yeah, I know, you’d rather own the bed Bella and Edward used to conceive their unique offspring, Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), but that’s not the one director Catherine Hardwicke owns, nor is it the one she’s contemplating auctioning off for charity. Hardwicke, who directed the 2008 launch to the Twilight saga, revealed that she still has the bed in question, and will auction it on behalf of the Step Up Women's Network if fans “showed enough demand for the item,” according to Hollywood Life.

Showed enough demand? Something tells me Hardwicke’s going to have Twi-hards sleeping on her lawn for the next few weeks so they can show just how interested they would be in owning an important piece of prop history from the saga they cherish. Plus, it’s for a very good cause. Step Up assists underprivileged teenage girls who need help graduating high school and moving on to college. In other words, girls who are growing up on Stephenie Meyer’s books. Win win. As for me, I’m holding out for a shred of Jacob’s torn flannel, and will outbid anyone as soon as it goes on the auction block.