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We haven’t really seen much from Twilight: Breaking Dawn before tonight, except for this vaguely erotic image of a girl clutching feathers in ecstasy. I guess vampires turn into giant chickens when they make love or something. Tonight though, Entertainment Tonight debuted our first ever look at Bella and Edward actually in the film and finally ditching this whole abstinence thing to totally get it on.

During their broadcast they debuted the image you’ll see below (via Twilight Poison), which was apparently snapped from the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly. Take a look:

Frankly, I expected a lot more glittering or at least a little biting. Bella seems to be sort of sleepy actually. No surprising, pretty boys never think they have to try. Does anyone else find it vaguely creepy that teenage girls everywhere are eagerly anticipating the loss of a movie character’s virginity? I guess it’s kind of like Porky’s, but for girls. Nothing wrong with that.

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