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Ben Stiller Is The Mastermind In Six New Tower Heist Character Posters

It may have marks against it because it's a movie by Brett Ratner, but the truth is that Tower Heist actually has a pretty stellar cast. From Ben Stiller to Eddie Murphy to Tea Leoni to Matthew Broderick, the entire ensemble has enough talent to inspire curiosity about the movie. Whenever a film has a cast like this one, it's customary to give each of them their own one-sheet in a series of character posters. That's exactly what happened today.

Universal has released six new pieces of artwork from the upcoming Ratner film baring the likenesses of Stiller, Murphy, Broderick, Leoni, Casey Affleck, and Gabourey Sidibe. Check them out below or in high-res over at IMP Awards.

There are a couple things I think are a bit off about these posters. First, why have both Michael Pena and Alan Alda been left out? Both play big roles in the movie yet they don't deserve their own one-sheet? My next question is a bit more specific: why is Matthew Broderick "The Inside Man?" Isn't the whole point of the film that they are all workers in the hotel in which the mark lives? Doesn't that mean that every character is the inside man? Perhaps the movie will clear that up a bit.

The movie is about a Bernie Madoff-type character (Alda) who steals the pensions of all the staff members in the complex in which he lives. Working together, the blue-collar team plans to rob the rich asshole and take back what is rightfully theirs. Tower Heist arrives in theaters next month and to learn more about it be sure to head over to our Blend Film Database.

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