The world was very busy in 1995. The Internet became part of the public consciousness. Dean Martin died. OJ Simpson was found not guilty. And Jumanji was released. Robin Williams playing the world’s best board-game wasn’t the best thing to happen in the movies that year, though. Oh, no. In fact, cinema screens across the globe were lit up with an array of fantastic performances, delightful direction, and all-round enthralling entertainment over the course of 12 months.

But which films were the cream of the crop back in 1995? And which films have aged the best since then? Well, to mark the 20th anniversary of these efforts, let’s look back and celebrate the 10 best films of 1995, as selected in 2015.

10. Friday
While Ice Cube had already proven that he could perform on the big screen with 1991’s Boyz n the Hood, it was still rather shocking to see him take to screenwriting with such aplomb.

But with Friday he did just that, while he also brought an authenticity and lyricism to the film that was akin to his music. Heck, Ice Cube’s writing was so punchy that even Chris Tucker wasn’t annoying. Sure, there’s something rather crude, naive, and offensive about Friday, but that’s also what made it so unique, as it gave us a truly fascinating look at life on the street.

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