ill Murray has become somewhat notorious for never picking up the phone… literally. Years ago, the legendary star decided to replace his agent with a 1-800 number and a rarely-checked answering machine, and as a result he really only ever takes on projects that spark his interest in a big way. Being super selective is obviously a nice change of pace in Hollywood, but the unfortunate side effect is that he’s missed out on being in some amazing films over the course of his career.

The Washington Post has dug through author Robert Schnakenberg's new tome "The Big Bad Book Of Bill Murray: A Critical Appreciation Of The World's Finest Actor," and has culled together a list of the various big titles that Murray has missed out on in the last few decades. It’s a surprisingly substantial record, and while you can see all of the titles there, we’ve plucked out five movies that we’re actually upset didn’t feature the great Bill Murray.

Iron Man
Iron Man
We continue to hold out hope that Bill Murray will someday find his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe – even if it’s just in a cameo capacity – but that hasn’t come together just yet. What you may not know, however, is that Murray almost had the opportunity to star in the film that kicked it all off – Jon Favreau’s Iron Man. According to the book, star Robert Downey Jr. and others behind the production tried to reach out to the Groundhog Day star, but "nobody could find him." There’s sadly no information regarding what role they wanted him for, but a part of me wonders if he was a possible choice for Obadiah Stane a.k.a. Iron Monger before Jeff Bridges got the part.

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