Les Miserables is coming to Blu-ray on December 11. If that seems a little early for the adaptation, it is, which is why we are actually talking about the 1998 film featuring Liam Neeson, Claire Danes, Uma Thurman, and Geoffrey Rush. The set will debut on Blu-ray just before the new adaptation of the famous tale comes to life onscreen, again, and this time, the set will be coming with Ultraviolet.

Having a new Les Miserables movie coming out around the holidays is sort of free press for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Blu-ray release, although I say sort of because the Billy August film adaptation is based on the book, and lacks the catchy and emotional music numbers Tom Hooper’s directorial effort is going to have. Nonetheless, it’s a decent adaptation and a good film, and if the flick is not one you have in your collection, it might be time to nab a copy.

Or not. As far as sets go, the Les Miserables Blu-ray won’t really be anything special. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a release set for the holidays meant to capitalize on what will (hopefully) be a popular film. Buyers will get the aforementioned Ultraviolet technology with the release, but I’m not really certain having the capacity to put the flick into a cloud is really a bonus. Additionally, fans will get a featurette called, “A First Look at Les Miserables.” It’s hard to blame the set for not coming with more; the movie, after all, came out well before features were normal and wasn’t a huge release to begin with. You can check out the cover art, below.

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