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Angelina Jolie was barely given any Oscar attention with her latest directorial effort, Unbroken, but will she get another chance come the 2016 Academy Awards? Universal announced that her upcoming movie, By the Sea, which co-stars Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt, will be released this November, which positions the film for a potential Oscar campaign, should it been seen as a strong contender.

According to a press release from Universal (via Coming Soon), By the Sea will hit theaters starting November 13. Not only is Jolie starring in the film, she’s also the director and the screenwriter, giving her more chances at a golden statuette. Though an Oscar campaign hasn’t been officially decided upon, this could also be another opportunity to include more female voices in the annual nominations. Unbroken, the heartbreaking story of WWII pilot and prisoner of war Louis Zamperini that Jolie directed, received three Oscar nominations for cinematography, sound editing and sound mixing, but it was snubbed from Best Actor, Best Director and Best Picture.

With By the Sea, Jolie seems confident in the story. In a statement accompanying the press release, she expressed the privilege she felt in exploring the themes of the human experience, specifically that of a "relationship derailed by loss." On a similar note, Universal Pictures Chairman Donna Langley called the film an "intimate gem of a film that will surprise people." The last time we saw Jolie and Pitt starring in a movie together was back during Mr. and Mrs. Smith, during which time the two famously fell in love with each other. This is much more of a quiet and intimate tale.

By the Sea stars Jolie and Pitt as a married couple traveling to a seaside resort in France during the 1970s. The husband, Roland, is an American writer and his relationship with his wife, Vanessa, is in jeopardy. During their stay, they spend time with various travelers and locales, including a newlywed couple, which allows Roland and Vanessa to come to terms with unresolved issues in their lives. The A-list couple are joined by actors Mélanie Laurent, Niels Arestrup, Melvil Poupaud and Richard Bohringer.

An end-of-year release doesn’t guarantee an Oscar campaign, but the later months are typically better suited for potential contenders. The films released later are fresher on the minds of Academy voters. This was theorized to have been a contributing factor for Lee Daniels’ The Butler snubs. The film, which seemed like an Oscar contender, premiered in August of 2013 and it ended up getting blocked out from the Oscars and the Golden Globes entirely. By the Sea is already building buzz for the mere fact that it rejoins the real-life couple in a film, but we'll have to see if the film ends up going after a statuette.

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