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Regardless of how the viewing audience may feel about him, Tom Cruise is still a monster draw in Hollywood and any filmmaker lucky enough to work with him is usually all the more successful afterward. After directing him in this year’s lackluster sci-fi adventure Oblivion, Joseph Kosinski is reteaming with Cruise for Fox’s racing drama Go Like Hell, which may soon find another megastar in its midst as Fox is currently trying to sway Brad Pitt to join the project. It would mark the first time Pitt and Cruise co-starred in a film since 1994’s Interview With the Vampire, and while a racetrack is the last place I want to see their on-screen reunion, I guess I won’t look a gift horse under the hood.

Go Like Hell will be based on the biographical 2010 book Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans from author A.J. Baime. The story follows the Ford Motor Company in the 1960s as they were forced to adjust to a younger population that started looking at their cars as luxury items rather than just a way of getting here to there. According to THR, Cruise is attached to play Carroll Shelby, a former racing champ and engineer that came up with a plan for Ford to head to the prestigious world of European racing at Le Mans, where they were set to design and build a car meant to race and defeat Enzo Ferrari. There’s no sign of who Pitt would play, but there are more than enough characters to go around, as the story also includes Lee Iacocca and Ford himself.

To be produced by Lucas Foster and Alex Young , Go Like Hell has most recently seen a script written by Jez and John-Henry Butterworth, who penned Cruise’s upcoming actioner Edge of Tomorrow, though Kosinski supervised the script that ended up in Pitt’s hands. It’d be no big surprise if the Oscar-nominated actor took the part, as he was first attached to the film back in 2009 when it looked like Michael Mann would be directing.

Pitt performed a quality-varying hat trick in 2013, taking on roles in Marc Forster’s better-than-expected zombie thriller World War Z, Steve McQueen’s instant class period piece 12 Years a Slave and Ridley Scott’s mostly forgettable law drama The Counselor. 2014 will see him as a war general in David Ayer’s action drama Fury and will hear him as the narrator in Terrance Malick’s brainy drama Voyage of Time.

Here’s what would make this movie really pop: just have Cruise and Pitt reprise their respective roles of Lestat and Louis from Neil Jordan’s adaptation of Anne Rice’s beloved novel. Surely Cruise would be able to fit all that hair beneath his racing helmet. Relive the pale white drama below.

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