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Look around your theater when you eventually check out Marc Forster’s World War Z later this month. There’s a very good chance Brad Pitt might be lingering near the entranceway or the exit, ready to introduce the film or answer fan inquiries during a post-screening Q-and-A. Pitt first popped up at a New Jersey multiplex last month, surprising preview audiences during a makeshift media tour. And now, via video shared by E! Online, Pitt shocked yet another audience by appearing at their World War Z showing.

This one happened to be in London, where Pitt and Angelina Jolie were around for the world premiere at Leicester Square. "This has been a long time coming, this film," Pitt told the crowd. "And I think we've got something original. I think we've got something genre-bending. I think we've got something terribly realistic for summer fare. I'll let you guys decide."

Of course, we’re not able to decide until Z opens on June 21, but recent clips do show marked improvement in the digital effects used to create the sprinting zombies Pitt has to contend with in this age-of-apocalypse thriller. It’s possible that World War Z absorbed all of the chaos that came with a disastrous post-production experience and emerged out the other side with a winning horror-thriller that is going to entertain fans seeking summer blockbuster escapism.

Speaking of escapism, we weren’t able to attend the premiere, so Paramount cut together a splashy reel of footage from the red carpet. We’re including it primarily because it laces in some new footage, and closes with a clip of a live concert performed by Muse, which worked on the film’s soundtrack. Any fans of the band out there? The show looked insanely good. And World War Z, as mentioned, will be in theaters on June 21.

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