Will The Brazilian Job Ever Happen?

I won’t lie. I’ve been waiting for The Brazilian Job since the second the credits of The Italian Job started rolling. I dug that movie so much, I ended up buying a Mini Cooper, which I owned for several years before realizing that foreign cars are expensive as shit to keep up. So the fact that the sequel has gained very little ground in the last six years is, in my humble but always right opinion, a bummer.

Coming Soon had a chance to talk to The Italian Job director F. Gary Gray (also the director of the upcoming Law Abiding Citizen) about the sequel and its chances of ever getting made. His response to the sequel’s standstill? Not his fault. He tells the website that The Brazilian is in Paramount’s hands, which may not be the best of news. The movie was made in 2003 and studio executives are on the revolving door system, meaning it’s very unlikely that any of the current bosses at Paramount even remember that they’re the ones who released The Italian Job.

The good news? He’d definitely be interested in directing the flick, which sounds great and all but is hardly a commitment. Gray said, "If you're on a movie, it depends on scheduling, that whole thing, but I certainly hope so. I loved directing that movie.” The old “if my schedule allows it” routine. I love it. Besides, every single actors involved in the original has moved on to bigger and better (in some cases, only one of those word is appropriate) things. With the way things are going, The Brazilian Job may end up as a Mos Def starring vehicle. Pun intended.