Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan On The Possibility Of A Movie

Breaking Bad made its fifth season debut on AMC last night, delivering the start of what is to be the final season of this excellent drama series about a middle-aged family man and science teacher who has steadily climbed his way to the top spot in the local meth-dealing industry. With Season 5 set to be split in two (8 episodes airing this summer and the other 8 airing next year), fans of the series still have much to look forward to. But will the series live beyond that, perhaps on the big screen? Series creator Vince Gilligan addressed that topic when we sat down with him at Comic Con last week.

During the press round tables at Comic Con in San Diego, Breaking Bad showrunner was asked about the possibility of a Breaking Bad movie. Here's what Gilligan had to say.

"I love the idea of it, and I learned a long time ago, 'Never say never.' But I have to say that my writers and I intend to tell ever bit of story we can tell in this final sixteen. So, at this moment in time, I would say that the odds are a bit remote. If we were - a year or two down the line - think of something else we could do, or if there's anyone else left standing when the dust is cleared, who knows? Your guess is as good as mine at this point."

So, it sounds like nothing is planned at present. But the idea is out there.

I like hearing that the writers intend to tell the full story within the series. And since we don't know how the story will end, it's hard to really speculate over whether a follow up feature film would even be necessary or suitable for the story. Walt could die, after all. Given the direction his life has taken, and his health issues, that wouldn't be out of the question. Another scenario, which might even be a darker theory, is that Walter might end up with nothing at the end, broken and alone. It's a dismal thought, but I can't help but wonder if that wouldn't be a worse fate for him than death.

The start of the series had Walt getting into the crystal-meth-making business in order to provide an inheritance for his family after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. But the story (and character) has since evolved to focus on his rise to power within this underground, illegal and dangerous industry, and Walt discovering his dark, more villainous side. Maybe that's why I find it easier to theorize an unhappy ending, though it's entirely possible that things will work out well for everyone. Regardless, it isn't difficult to envision the worst for Walt, though I'm slightly more optimistic for characters like Hank and Jesse.

The topic of a movie is something probably well worth revisiting next year once the series wraps up, if there are any angles worth exploring in a feature film. As Gilligan said, " if there's anyone else left standing when the dust is cleared."

You can see what else Gilligan (and some of the cast) had to say about Season 5 of Breaking Bad here.

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