Brendan Fraser To Star In Fish Heist Comedy Whole Lotta Sole

Last week, when Robert Luketic signed on to direct a film about a diamond robbery titled Brilliant, I remarked that heist films seem to be the new "it" thing in Hollywood. Just like whenever a new trend starts, we are likely to see a lot of great ideas a lot of middlebrow ideas, and a lot of unbeliveably bad ideas. This new one falls into the last category.

Variety reports that Brendon Fraser has signed on to star in Whole Lotta Sole, a movie in which someone has the brilliant idea to rob a fish market in order to pay back gambling debts. Written by George and Thomas Gallagher and directed by Terry George, Fraser will play the shopkeeper who gets caught up in the robbery when it turns into a hostage situation. The film will be shot in Northern Ireland, though the article doesn't mention when production is slated to begin.

I wonder if Brendon Fraser has realized what a joke his career has become at this point. When you're follow-up to Furry Vengeance has a pun about fish in the title, it's time to fire your agent.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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