After Brett Ratner straight up tanked the once illustrious X-Men franchise the mere mention of his name has struck fear into the hearts of film lovers everywhere. His name even popped up as a potential director for The Hobbit and nerds everywhere sighed a collective “thank god” when Peter Jackson stepped in to prevent a travesty from happening. His one successful series Rush Hour has somehow survived after two dreadful sequels, and unfortunately the director doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The LA Times is reporting that Ratner is in talks to direct a live-action Hercules film for Conan producers Nu Image/Millenium. Apparently he wants to prove to the masses that he can make a Gladiator clone, since he didn’t get the job when Nu Image was shopping for helmers for the Jason Momoa Conan update. There’s no details about the production just yet, but expect quick updates as soon as people start getting attached.

The article asks the question “Is Ratner the right choice?” The answer of course is no. He hasn’t made a watchable film since 1998 and has been walking around Hollywood like he’s hot shit for the past 12 years. Him landing this job wouldn’t break my heart, as I have no vested interest in anything that has to do with Hercules, but this guy doesn’t need to be directing real movies ever. Send him to the Lifetime Movie Network and let them have their way with him.

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