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In recent years, Woody Allen has loved to shock and deceive moviegoers with his seemingly random casting decisions - but the thing is that they always appear to work. Not only does Woody write the perfect characters for the right actors, but the actors themselves seemingly elevate their abilities when they work with the legendary director. So that’s why Bruce Willis and Kristen Stewart must be feeling pretty happy with themselves right now, because it's been announced that the pair will be working alongside Allen on the filmmaker’s upcoming project.

According to The Wrap, Stewart will also be joined on the still untitled film by her Adventureland co-star, Jesse Eisenberg. The pair will be more than used to each others’ skills and craft, as they also recently worked together on American Ultra, the upcoming action film from Nima Nourizadeh. Unfortunately, we still don’t know anything about the actual plot of Woody Allen’s latest - except that it's been teased that it will be shot in the summer ahead of what will probably be a 2016 release date.

And while Kristen Stewart and Bruce Willis will be working with Woody Allen for the first time, this is the second opportunity that Jesse Eisenberg has been given to work with the Annie Hall filmmaker. The Social Network star previously worked alongside Allen in To Rome With Love, which is widely regarded as one of the 79-year-olds weakest efforts since he returned to form with 2007’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Many would even consider that a disservice to the director, because 2004’s Melinda and Melinda and 2005’s Match Point each had moments of class and wit in them that suggested Allen was back in form.

However, the worldwide critical acclaim and impressive performance of Vicky Cristina Barcelona at the box office, as well as the fact that it picked up an array of awards, including a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Penelope Cruz, proved that Woody Allen had returned to his peak. Perhaps it didn’t match the titanic efforts of Annie Hall, Manhattan, and Zelig, but it suggested that he still had intriguing and enlightening stories left to tell. He then hammered home that this was actually the case with Whatever Works, Midnight in Paris, and, most recently, Blue Jasmine.

Those films were also packed with peculiar but delightfully random casting choices too. Blue Jasmine especially saw Allen coax out a scene-stealing portrayal from Andrew Dice Clay, as well as Louis CK, while he also managed to get, arguably, the best performance of Cate Blanchett’s career - which was no easy feat. Allen’s upcoming film will also continue his astounding streak of releasing a film at least every other year - something that he’s done since the mid-1980s. It will be preceded by Irrational Man, which is due out at some point in 2015, and saw Allen team up with Joaquin Phoenix, Parker Posey and Emma Stone.

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