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CHUD Remake For Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie was so successful remaking Halloween that he’s decided to make a habit out of redoing old horror movies. Dread Central reports that he’s set his sites on C.H.U.D., the old cult horror flick, not the awful place which shall not be named but could definitely use a remake, and maybe a good ctrl + alt + delete while they’re at it.

C.H.U.D. the 1984 movie was about deformed sewer vagrants being fought by a ill-fitting group of heroes. The film’s incredibly camp, and it’s complete cheesiness is probably at least part of why it’s maintained marginal cult popularity. I guess what I’m saying here is that people think it’s awesome because it’s corny. So, how the heck do you remake that? Or maybe I’m wrong and it’s just awesome. One chuckle-wrothy post left on IMDB’s boards describes it as, “CHUD is the best of the 80's things in the sewer movies.” The competition in the things in a sewer movie genre is pretty stiff.

Is Rob Zombie going to set out to intentionally make silly, goofy, horror movie? That sounds like disaster, since that kind of camp is really only good when it’s on accident. Rob Zombie, whatever his flaws, is no Ed Wood. Will he try to turn C.H.U.D. into a modernly updated, seriously hardcore horror movie? Alright, then why would anyone want to see it, since the whole reason it’s beloved is because it sucks? It’s a confusing project, but apparently Rob is really doing it. What, you thought his next movie would be a rom-com?