It was a forgone conclusion that Captain America: Civil War was going to have a blockbuster weekend. What’s always less clear is what happens to a movie after its first weekend is over. In the case of Civil War, the film isn’t even waiting for its second weekend in order to start reaching new heights of success. It has broken the $200 million mark  domestically in the middle of the week and on the global stage Civil War has already outdone its predecessor,Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

After bringing in an additional $13 million and change on both Monday and Tuesday, Deadline is reporting that Captain America: Civil War now sits at a North American total of $206.2 million. In addition to that, the film’s global total has reached $737.7 million. Considering that Captain America: The Winter Soldier finished its run at $714.4 million, and Civil War is nowhere near finished, they’ll be blowing that total out of the water before it’s all said and done.

Doing over $13 million on a weekday is an impressive feat, considering that most movies weren’t able to put up numbers like that over the course of last weekend, much less in a single day. The global number is a bit inflated, considering that Captain America: Civil War was released in much of the world a week or more before it was released here, they’ve had some time to build up the international totals. However, about a third of the globe, including the US and Canada, only saw the movie come out last weekend, so there are plenty of places who still have tickets to buy.

Ultimately, however, weekends are when most folks go to the movies, and so most eyes will be on next weekend’s numbers. There will be some percentage of drop off as compared to the first weekend, but exactly how high or low that number will be is not clear. So far this year, Disney’s movies have had pretty significant staying power as both The Jungle Book and Zootopia have been able to put up consistently good numbers week after week. If Captain America: Civil War is able to follow suit, then it could be on its way to breaking the billion dollar mark. If not, then its best days may already be behind it.

Captain America: Civil War’s numbers have been good enough to make it the fifth highest grossing movie of the year so far, both globally and at home. However, to even be the highest grossing comic book movie of the year, it has two other films to beat. Both Deadpool and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sit ahead of Captain America and it will take some consistent business for Cap to outdo both of them.

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