Chris Evans returns to the shield in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Marvel fans are stoked. And Marvel is treating those potential ticket buyers quite well, with continuous sneak peeks at the film, including the clip above. This is Marvel’s star-spangled hero in all his brutish glory, and Evans looks great as Steve Rogers, the man forever out of time, thrust into a world he does not recognize but still forever dedicated to the cause of justice. The film’s been screening early, and early word (policed by vigilant embargo-watching publicists) is enthusiastic, suggesting that Marvel’s Phase Two is going along swimmingly.

The above clip is a minute-long action sequence showcasing just exactly how powerful Cap really is. In The Avengers he didn’t stand out as a strong fella due to the robot man, the green giant and the Norse God flanking him (not to mention Arrow Guy and Lady Gunfighter). But Cap is a peak human performer, an Olympic athlete able to withstand long falls and brutal damage, and running straight through a building is entirely within his capabilities. Here, he’s doggedly pursuing the Winter Soldier, completely destroying an office building after hours. Man, that is going to be a pain in the ass to clean up and rebuild. Who’s gonna pay for that, SHIELD? Doubtful! Knowing Marvel, that’s probably where Jessica Jones works.

Cap’s also taking orders from someone via his headpiece, but he’s not in costume. Does he not wear the costume on certain missions? When are there costume opportunities and non-costume opportunities? In The Avengers, the costume was symbolic, an attempt to add a bit of nostalgia and comfort to an unstable situation. Now that he’s established, and running operations on the streets, why bother? It does NOT look like a comfortable thing to wear. The movies are going to have to address the issue of costumes head-on if they’re continue to use the characters in a real-world application, because it’s hard to sneak up on your opponent when you’re barreling down hallways with a giant shield dressed to look like a flag.

Kudos to Evans though, for staying in the type of Herculean shape that allows him to pull off exhausting-looking sequences like this, probably many times a day. As far as on-set action, Chris Hemsworth merely gets to flex and pose, while Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. stay home as their CG counterparts do all the action. But Evans has to be there, present, ready to take an ass-whupping. And that’s only in this scene; what does the character do when he has to chase around the agile Batroc? Evans has intimated that after his Marvel contract ends he might take a breather from acting. Maybe he’s just going to spend that time icing down bruises. Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens April 4th.

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