Captain America In The Incredible Hulk!

Louis Letterier, director of the new Incredible Hulk was on G4’s Attack of the Show today, and talking about his big green movie. He professed his love for the old Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno television show, talked about Lou Ferrigno’s role in the movie as the voice of the Hulk… and revealed a massive secret cameo.

There have already been rumors that Iron Man might show up in the Hulk movie. Well he won’t be the only Marvel superhero to hang out with Bruce Banner. Captain America will be there too. Letterier says, “In Iron Man there’s the Captain America shield somewhere. Well in Hulk, you might see Captain America himself.” Might see? Sounds like a will see to me, otherwise why bring it up?

It’s all part of Marvel’s new push to connect their superhero movies together, and if Cap is really in it, I’m all for it. Very cool. What better way to tease his new movie.

In addition to talking about Captain America’s cameo, Letterier discusses the Ed Norton controversy and explains just exactly why he won’t be getting a writing credit on the film, even though he worked extensively on the script. Apparently it had nothing to do with the rumored feud between Norton and the studio. Rather, it was something mandated by the WGA.

Check out all of Louis Letterier’s excellent interview with the folks at G4, via the embed below:

UPDATE! We've now confirmed that Captain America's cameo has been cut from The Incredible Hulk. Get the full story here.

Josh Tyler