New Captain America Trailer Focuses On Each Character, Shows New Footage

Superhero roll call! There’s a whole mess of characters in Captain America: Civil War, and the promotional material wants to be sure that you can keep them all straight. In order to aid with possible confusion, they have released a brand new TV spot which makes certain you know who’s who. For those of us who have it down, there’s some new footage to enjoy as well.

Our new footage comes at the very beginning of the TV spot, as part of a conversation between Captain America and Scott Lang. Cap talks about being outside the law, as their side has decided against signing the Sakovia Accords. Lang makes a joke, as is his standard practice, because he’s been a criminal before. He’s spent time in prison for it, which is more than the rest of these heroes have. He could teach them a couple things about being outside the law. In fact, maybe that’s why they drafted Ant-Man in the first place.

The highlight of this sequence might be the look on Falcon’s face after Paul Rudd says "what else is new." Falcon was the one present when Ant-Man conducted his breaking and entering job on Avengers HQ, so he knows better than the rest what the guy gets up to. Hey, do you think he ever told Cap what happened?

That scene looks to be part of one that we got our first look at about a week ago on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It shows Ant-Man meeting the rest of #TeamCaptainAmerica for the first time.

Going through the list of names is a little corny, especially because if the spot wanted to list everybody it would be twice as long. There’s no mention of War Machine, Vision, Hawkeye, or Spider-Man. That last one we can understand. While the character has been officially revealed, Marvel is still trying to keep details of his role under wraps, so we still don’t know much about how he fits in. Black Panther gets billing and he’s brand new when Hawkeye has been around for years and he doesn’t get mentioned. That hardly seems fair.

Which of the heroes in Captain America: Civil War are you most excited to see? We’re just a little over two weeks away from finally seeing them all come together. Civil War hits theaters May 6.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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