New Captain America Video Shows Just How Many People He's Killed In The MCU

When Steve Rogers signed up for what would ultimately be named "Project Rebirth," he told Professor Abraham Erskine that he didn't want to kill anyone upon enlisting in the Army. Four movies later, and with Captain America: Civil War on the way, it looks like that promise was pretty useless. Watch below, as Captain America's kill count is relived in its entirety.

Mr. Sunday Movies compiled this rather ingenious video of Captain America's greatest hits of straight up murdering the fools of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The total body count is quite stunning, with an estimated 14,089 souls claimed by the Star Spangled man, and the most deaths came from Captain America: The Winter Solider. The least amount of Cap Kills comes from 2012's The Avengers, which is just as equally amazing, and for the same reason: it looks like the MCU has some funny ways of counting fatalities.

As shown in the video above, Captain America: The Winter Soldier somehow estimated the kill count for the entire incident with S.H.I.E.L.D's helicarriers as a loss of only 23 people. Which is interesting, considering how Project Insight was launching at full capacity at that moment, and those helicarriers would have carried more than 23 people in total. Of course, this doesn't take into account the 10 people that died before the downing of three helicarriers, which all crashed into a mostly evacuated government building. Either way, the math seems a bit off in the MCU.

Yet, the smallest body count in Captain America's career comes from The Avengers, in which his first team-up with his Marvel Cinematic Universe teammates saw only 9 Chitauri murdered at his hand. Albeit, these counts are all made up of kills that are to be assumed on screen. But even with that in mind, the fast-paced choreography of the fighting in The Avengers surely must have yielded more than 9 kills from Cap's shield wielding services. Though if you're interested, The Avengers: Age Of Ultron only racked up 32 kills for Captain America, which could also be contested under the same concern as The Avengers.

So with 14,089 bodies dead at the hands of Captain America, and no sign of Captain America: Civil War reversing that trend, the obvious question must be asked: is Steve Rogers a murdering maniac? Of course, to fully answer that question, we'd need to see the tallies of his teammate's histories – in particular, that of Tony Stark. For now, we await May 6th with reckless abandon, if only to see how much higher the body count rises when controversial legislation comes into play.

Mike Reyes
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