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It’s always nice when you see a working relationship developing. Jonah Hill has always had a collaborative spirit, teaming with the Judd Apatow guys for movies like Knocked Up and Get Him To The Greek. But Leonardo DiCaprio never really kept too close to his collaborators, becoming Martin Scorsese’s muse of choice in films that were excessively dissimilar. In fact it was a major happening when he reunited with Titanic costar Kate Winslet for Revolutionary Road. And now DiCaprio and Hill have met each other on Wolf Of Wall Street, both receiving Oscar nominations, this true love can blossom.

Their next project is The Ballad Of Richard Jewell, and the duo have added it to increasingly busy slates. But don’t be surprised if the film arrives sooner rather than later, as Variety reports that a big-name screenwriter is aboard. Billy Ray is the man tasked with bringing the tale to life, adapting a Vanity Fair article on which Jewell’s major case was illustrated. Though no other movement has occurred, you don’t sign Billy Ray to write a script if you have no intention of moving forward, the guy’s pretty expensive.

Jewell was a security guard during the 1996 Olympics when he helped secure an unruly crowd and ultimately revealed a bomb plot to officials, who then turned around and accused him of terrorism. Hill, who has been showing surprising versatility in recent years, would be playing Jewell, a mild-mannered family man who became a suspect in a heinous crime. Ultimately it’s likely this story will focus more on the aftermath of the crime and the lonely feelings that are associated with being wrongfully accused, rather than the endless lawsuits that followed when Jewell took every loose-lipped slanderer to court.

Ray is one of the industry’s most respected veterans, having recent received an Oscar nomination for Captain Phillips. This is probably a tidy paycheck for him, as he’s experienced an upswing in work lately thanks to that Hanks thriller, a credit on The Hunger Games and the troubled drama State Of Play, with an upcoming credit on The Mummy. Ray is one of those guys who receives credit for one screenplay even though his fingerprints are likely, secretly on two or three other currently floating around in the industry, though you’d like to see him try directing again as well, as his two efforts in that realm were the journalism drama Shattered Glass and the understated FBI thriller Breach.

His first credit, however, may be his craziest and most awesome: he conceived the story and wrote the screenplay for the Bruce Willis thriller Color Of Night, a preposterous erotic thriller that plays out like a Brian De Palma flick had De Palma genuinely lost his marbles. Check it out below; the only trailer embed we could find is in German, which is hilarious because the story doesn’t make any less sense in another language.

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