Carlos Star Edgar Ramirez Could Be The Baddie In Zack Snyder's Superman

As the star of the epic French film Carlos, about the rise and fall of famed terrorist "Carlos the Jackal," Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez has been getting all kinds of new attention, including a Golden Globe nomination. He's already traded it in for a role in the forthcoming sequel Wrath of the Titans, but according to Latino Review he may be headed toward an even more substantial step up. They're hearing that the 34-year-old actor is in the running to play a villain role in Zack Snyder's Superman movie.

The information is pretty vague, and they're not certain of Ramirez has gone in for the part or is simply up for discussion, or even which role he might play. Snyder recently confirmed that Viggo Mortensen would not be playing General Zod in the movie, so maybe Ramirez is stepping into that role, or maybe the script is going in another direction entirely. It's impressive how quiet Snyder has managed to be about his plans given that he's out doing press for Sucker Punch, and so we should consider ourselves lucky we're even learning this much.

Ramirez is a phenomenal actor, of course, but he'd also make an interesting choice for a villain given that he's not yet all that familiar to American audiences. With Henry Cavill on board as Superman, it might be time for two newcomers to make a huge splash in this film.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend