Gad has appeared in movies like Love and Other Drugs and Jobs, he really made his name with a co-lead role in Broadway's The Book of Mormon, in which he played the schlubby, truth-challenged missionary Elder Price. Gad showed off singing skills in that show but really brings it home in Frozen with "In Summer," a number about what his enchanted, talking snowman will get up to when it finally gets warm. That talking snowman is already a clear breakout star from the film, and both Gad and I are now the proud owners of talking Olaf dolls-- though his is the only one that specifically terrifies his dog.

Finally, we have Jennifer Lee and Peter del Vecho, the latest people tasked with the enormous challenge of continuing Disney's legacy for princess films. Lee joined the production just last year as a director, after the success of the studio's Wreck-It Ralph, which she co-wrote. Del Vecho has worked as a producer on projects like Winnie the Pooh and Chicken Little, and has previous princess experience thanks to The Princess and the Frog. Below they talk about what it takes to carry on the studio legacy while also making their own unique film.

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