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Fox’s Gambit isn’t the first film — nor the first superhero film — to lose its director, but it was nonetheless disconcerting when Rupert Wyatt dropped out. So who would be an interesting enough name to man the helm on the Channing Tatum pic? The latest buzz is forming around Doug Liman.

Buried in a column from Deadline writers Peter Bart and Mike Fleming Jr. is talk of Liman "on an inside track" to direct Gambit. The Wrap reporter Jeff Sneider confirmed the news on Twitter.

The filmmaker caught everyone’s attention with last year’s Edge of Tomorrow, a film many thought would be a classic Tom Cruise let down but turned into the hit of the summer. Anyone who can tap Emily Blunt’s full potential as the next female action star seems like an excellent choice to tackle this standalone X-Men film.

The only thing is that, because Edge of Tomorrow was such a success, Liman is being sought out for a number of projects. As Bart and Fleming point out, there’s talk of him possible doing Edge of Tomorrow 2 with Cruise, who also wants to re-team with his new directing buddy after they got along so well during production. The pair will feature in Mena, a film about drug running in the south during the ‘80s, and they’re both eyeing Luna Park, a long-in-development sci-fi film about a renegade crew of former space workers who travel to the moon to steal an energy source.

While Mena has been filming, Luna Park could easily be pushed a bit to incorporate any other endeavors Liman may or may not want to pursue. According to a report from THR, Rupert Wyatt dropped out of Gambit after Fox allegedly felt he wasn’t as committed to the project as they would have liked. So, even if the studio is looking to Doug Liman, his heart needs to be in it.

Gambit is Channing Tatum’s passion project. The actor became enthralled with the card-slinging character, whose roots in Louisiana were a major selling point for him. Gambit, aka Remy LeBeau, is a mutant from the X-Men universe with the ability to transform potential energy into kinetic energy. This allows him to wield his signature deck of playing cards like grenades, while bashing enemies’ skulls with his other weapon of choice, a bo staff.

Gambit is currently scheduled for release next year on October 7, 2016, and the studio continues to build up its cast and crew. Blue Is the Warmest Color actress Lea Seydoux, who’ll be seen next in the new James Bond movie Spectre, is eyed for the lead female role. Tatum also made a brief appearance at San Diego Comic-Con alongside the casts of X-Men: Apocalypse and Fantastic Four to pose for that epic superhero selfie.