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Indiana Jones is preparing for an epic Blu-ray release. Next week, all four Indiana Jones movies will be available in a complete Blu-ray set for the very first time. At $99.98, it won’t be a cheap set of Blu-ray adventures, but while we scrimp and save our pennies, Paramount Home Entertainment has put together a special app that follows Indy’s adventures in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The “Diaries of Indiana Jones” application is replete with drawings and handwritten text, and even features a volume button to play John William’s famous score for the film. It’s a pretty sweet little extra to correspond with a set that will come with a ton of film-related bonus features. If you haven’t caught a look at the upcoming picture quality, you can also check out the extensive trailer for the 4-film set, below.

There’s a big push to show how the picture will look, and honestly, if you are an Indy fan, the Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures set is probably your best bet when weighing quality and cost. You’ll be getting a really nice set with 7 hours of bonus features, restored picture, and three great movies—Plus Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull--in one small package. Worth it for the fortune and glory, people, fortune and glory.

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