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With the size and scope of the new Star Wars movies, one assumes that making them is a great deal of work. While that’s certainly true, luckily, it doesn’t mean there isn’t the opportunity for the cast and crew to have fun. As it turns out, it was Daisy Ridley’s birthday on Sunday, and as a "gift," Mark Hamill shared this image of what the two of them apparently get up to when nobody is looking.

As all indications are that Rey will begin some kind of Jedi training under Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode VIII, it would make sense that Luke would train her in much the same way that he was trained by Yoda. This means she’ll have to carry him all over the place apparently. It’s not clear what Mark Hamill is pointing at. We’re assuming he wants her to take him to the craft services table. Nobody seems to have as much fun with Twitter as Mark Hamill.

This little recreation of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is a hilarious image. There’s something about the serene look on Daisy Ridley’s face that just makes it perfect. She actually looks like she could carry Mark Hamill wherever he wants to go. We assume it’s her affinity with The Force that allows her to easily carry him around.

Of course, the internet got ahold of the image and did what the internet does best. The picture has now been modified in a multitude of ways. We’ve seen Mark Hamill shrunk down to appropriate Yoda size.

However, the more popular choice among the meme community is to simply replace the faces. Our favorite is probably replacing Daisy Ridley with Star Wars: Episode VIII director Rian Johnson, as we expect this is a pictorial representation of how the man actually feels on a daily basis.

Mark Hamill has continued to retweet out new modifications to the image, so check out his Twitter feed if you have a chance. We’re looking forward to seeing the picture of Rey lifting Luke Skywalker into the sky using only her mind while standing on her head.

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