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Check Out Trailer For The Simpsons Short The Longest Daycare

While audiences who saw Pixar's Brave were treated to the Oscar-nominated short La Luna, moviegoers who head to Fox's Ice Age: Continental Drift will get the chance to see The Simpsons go 3D with the new short "The Longest Daycare." Like La Luna, this cartoon centers on a silent kid with a lot of pluck, in this case little Maggie Simpson who is forced to return to the care of the Ayn Rand School for Tots.

First seen in the series' fourth season, this objectivist day care memorably banned pacifiers, urging the mute Maggie to a Great Escape-styled rebellion. In the new short, after Marge drops Maggie off she's promptly scanned, deemed "nothing special," and so thrown into a shabby sector of the school, where her only solace is a lovely butterfly.

Executive producer Jim Brooks envisions "The Longest Daycare" as a thank you to fans who've stuck by The Simpsons for its 25 years on air. He confessed to EW that the short would be dialogue-free, focusing on Maggie's unique comedic strength, saying, "She’s like Charlie Chaplin."

Clocking in at only four and a half minutes, "The Longest Daycare" was deemed too short for a typical trailer, so instead, a super short teaser has been released, which offers a rapid-fired series of shots that show Maggie facing off against her long-time nemesis: the uni-browed baby! View it at EW, and check out the short's TV teaser below:

Ice Age: Continental Drift opens July 13th, but you can find more about the film, including a synopsis, photos and trailers at our Blend Film Database.

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