While he may not possess the strength of the Hulk, the flight of Iron Man or the lightning-generating power of Thor, Captain America is still one of the greatest superheroes in the Marvel universe. Originally just a kid named Steve from Brooklyn with a dream of fighting for his country, the patriotic hero underwent an experimental treatment to become the absolutely perfect human specimen. Without the aid of armor or magic, he can outrun, outjump, outfight and outsmart just about every single opponent he comes across standing in the way between him and his duty. This great power was fully on display in both Joe Johnston’s Captain America: The First Avenger and Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, but for the upcoming action epic Captain America: The Winter Soldier star Chris Evans wanted to become an even more elite warrior.

While the next Captain America adventure won’t be coming out for another few months, last summer I got a special sneak peek at the film when I drove down to Marvel’s headquarters in Manhattan Beach, CA to visit the set of the anticipated blockbuster. Sadly I can’t quite tell you about everything I saw just yet – you’ll have to wait a few more weeks for that – what I can now share with you is the fantastic conversation that myself and a small group of other journalists had with the film’s titular star between takes.

How is Cap adjusting to the modern world after being frozen in ice and going through the Battle of New York? What are his relationships like with Black Widow and Nick Fury? How has endless training affected the way he moves and thinks? Read on to find out!

How you like the new suit?

I do like the new suit a lot. I can tell you that I think a lot of people like the old suit as well, after Avengers. Not to say nothing bad about the Avengers suit. The Avengers suit was wildly comfortable, but I think a lot of people enjoyed the old suit. I think a lot of people enjoyed the World War II aspect of the movie. There was something about that I think people liked.

Are you glad that your ears are getting some air?

Well, they're not getting as much. They get some air in the new suit. I've always liked the ears inside. I always thought I kind of had big Dumbo ears. Whenever they tried out the helmet with the ears out, I was like, "Please don't make me do this. I look so silly," but they did some really good things. They helped – it looks a lot better. The new suit does have the ears out, and it actually looks okay. I was like, "Okay. I can live with this."

Can you talk about when the movie begins, where we find Cap at the start? He's been around for a while now, so he's somewhat acclimated. Does he feel pretty comfortable?

Well, he feels comfortable within the structure that he's given. He likes to serve. He likes to take orders. He's like a herding dog. He needs a task. And I think the issue in the first two, Captain America and the Avengers – well, Captain America was about giving him the opportunity. Then he got the opportunity, and then he was thrust into a different world. And in Avengers, there were so many characters, it's tough to kind of spend too much with any one. And on this one, it's about him trying to not just acclimate to the modern world, but it's always been Cap's goal to do what's right and to be of service, to help where he can. In this movie, I think the question is, well, what is right? I think it was a lot easier in the 40s to know who the evil was. There's no disputing Nazis are bad. And now it becomes a little bit more of a difficult answer. There's a lot more grey area. What is the right thing? And are you of service to that cause? That's where it becomes a tricky dispute for Cap because things were just done differently in the 40s. Threats are different now, and precautionary measures are taken now, [and they] can be questionable and somewhat suspect in his eyes. So it's a tough hurdle for him to jump.

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