Chris O'Dowd, Aiden Gillen And More Join John Michael McDonagh's Calvary

If you haven't already seen John Michael McDonagh's The Guard you are truly doing yourself a disservice. The movie ranked at #8 on my top 10 of last year for a reason, and that's because it was one of the funniest movies to be released in 2011 and features an amazing turn from star Brendan Gleeson. For those of you that have seen the movie, however, I have some awesome news. Not only are Gleeson and McDonagh preparing to work together on yet another project, they've just brought on an excellent supporting cast.

Chris O'Dowd (who you might recognize from Bridesmaids or The IT Crowd), Aidan Gillen (of Game of Thrones fame), Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes) and David Wilmot (The Guard) have been added to the cast of Cavalry, according to Variety. The film is a dark comedy about the current state of religion in Ireland. Gleeson will play a priest living in Sligo on Ireland's west coast who is constantly tormented by the people in his village. Things get ugly, however, when he is told in confession that somebody plans on murdering him within a week.

This week we've gotten the first images from Martin McDonagh's Seven Psychopaths, starring Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson, and now we learn that John Michael McDonagh has added an amazing supporting cast to his sophomore project. Part of me hopes that this is all part of some big sibling rivalry thing and each writer/director is going to keep trying to one up the other until finally we get some of the greatest dark comedies ever made. A guy can dream, right?

Eric Eisenberg
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