Citizen Kane Is Being Meticulously Restored For the September Blu-Ray Release

If your aging VHS copy of Citizen Kane is nearing the end of its very long life, have no fear. According to THR, Warner Home Video is swooping in to the rescue with a Blu-Ray restoration of what is widely considered the best piece of American film making, ever.

The masterpiece is fast approaching its 70th birthday and to commemorate the occasion, Warner is going through what can only be described as a pant-load of trouble to make sure fans and movie lovers get a copy of the film at the highest fidelity currently possible. Janet Wilson, a Motion Picture Imaging colorist at WB working on the process said that the operation was “a painstaking, frame-by-frame” undertaking. With a 119-minute runtime, a little quick math tells us that over 171,000 frames needed to be restored. Holy mackerel!

Warner hasn’t forgotten about true collectors, though, as the Collector’s Edition will be chock full of goodies to display on your expensive shelf, or in your cheaply decorated one-bedroom apartment. The set will come with a book full of reproductions of the 1941 program, lobby cards, and memos sent back and forth during production.

Also included are the features currently available on the two-disc DVD. The blu-ray hits stores September 13th.