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Though it hasn't worked tremendously well as of yet, Clive Owen is sticking with the plan and still doing his best to become an action star. Following the disappointing Killer Elite, which co-starred Jason Statham and failed to win over neither critics nor fans, the British actor is now set to star in Recall, according to Variety.

Written by Paul Schrader, who is best known for his scripts for Martin Scorsese like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and The Last Temptation of Christ, the project will star Owen as an NSA agent who attempts to figure out what went wrong during a failed hostage rescue mission. As he begins to "recall" (get it?) what happened, he begins to figure out that he can't trust his fellow soldiers or himself. The film is being produced by Moonstone Entertainment, which managed to sell the picture in multiple markets during last week's American Film Market (though North America isn't on that list just yet). Harold Becker, who hasn't directed a movie since 2001's Domestic Disturbance will helm the film. Becker's other titles include Mercury Rising, Malice, and Sea of Love. The plan is to start production in March of next year and will shoot in locations including Washington D.C. and Bulgaria.

Clive Owen hasn't been making the greatest movies as of late, but I do find it incredibly hard to give up on him. All he really needs to boost his career is to start reading better scripts, and you can do a hell of a lot worse than Paul Schrader.