With plays like The Pillowman and The Behanding in Spokane, playwright Martin McDonagh built a heralded reputation in theater for blending a pitch black sense of humor with tales of incredible and gut-churning violence. (Seriously, when you first see his works staged, you'll be shocked at your own delight and laughter at its incredibly brutal proceedings.) In 2004, he tried his hand at filmmaking, writing and directing the truly twisted comedy short Six Shooter, which starred Brendan Gleeson and went on to win the Oscar for Best Live-Action Short. This spurred McDonagh to and Gleeson to reteam for the former's first full-length feature In Bruges, a quirky caper about two hitmen hiding out in a lovely Belgium town.

Despite co-starring cocksure heartthrob Colin Farrell, the film only made a ripple at the box office, but it did score critics' notice as well as earning McDonagh a screenwriting Oscar nod. This was enough for producers to give the fledgling filmmaker a second shot, and his rep as a writer has scored him an incredible cast for his follow-up Seven Psychopaths.

As you can see from the latest image, Farrell is back on board and co-stars with Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell—who shared the stage in the 2010 Broadway production of The Behanding in Spokane. He plays a struggling screenwriter, while they portray the oddball friends who get him into trouble with a ruthless gangster (Woody Harrelson) by kidnapping the thug's beloved Shih Tzu, which is also pictured above. If the sense of lunacy implied here isn't enough to get you excited, you can check out more stills here, or view Six Shooter below. But be warned, this short is definitely NSFW.

Seven Psychopaths will be in theaters November 2012 following its world festival premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this September.

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