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This news sounds like a bunch of film makers just feel like taking a vacation. Production Weekly announced via Twitter late yesterday that Colin Farrell has signed on to star in Something Borrowed, a romantic comedy for Warner Bros. The real kicker is that it's going to be filming in the Hamptons later this month, which means everyone on board will be kicking back in a fancy house spending most of their time sipping cool drinks on the beach. Sign me up.

Since the news comes in 160 characters or less, we're being kept, intentionally or otherwise, in the dark about the exact plot of the film, but it's a romantic comedy so it won't be too strenuous to wrap your heads around. Don't be surprised though if in a later announcement we hear about this turning into an action romantic comedy to fit the trend of Ashton Kutcher's Killers and Tom Cruise's Knight and Day.

You can see Farrell most recently in Crazy Heart and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, both of which you should make an effort to see if you missed them because they're both wonderful films. More on Something Borrowed when we get the official release.

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