Colin Farrell Stinks Up Japan

In the latest “what will they think of next?” campaign, a Japanese theater will be screening Terrence Malick’s film The New World ripe with aromas circulating the room. Anyone who has ever dreamed of sniffing Colin Farrell now has a chance to make it happen.

According to BBC News, as part of a new plan called Smellovision, seven fragrances will emit from machines planted under back row seats. The mix includes a floral scent for love scenes, peppermint and rosemary for the weepy moments, a citrus blend of orange and grapefruit for joy, and eucalyptus to help express anger and fury.

The experiment will be delivered by NTT Communications Corp., and theaters will be able to download different scents from the internet (!) for other films. They began a similar service for homes in Japan last year, where owners could download programs to work as aromatherapy or to accompany horoscope readings.

The New World opened to mix reviews last year, and starred Colin Farrell as American colonial leader John Smith, who was saved from execution by Pocahontas.