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It wasn't all that long ago that Colin Farrell was looking to make a leap into headlining a mainstream, studio action-comedy, in talks to join the Warner Bros. project Arthur and Lancelot, which looked to take a Sherlock Holmes-style spin on the classic story of knights and fair maidens. The didn't work out, but with Farrell set to star in Total Recall this summer, a lot of studios and directors are still interested in having him lead their films-- including Warner Bros., who apparently didn't take the Arthur and Lancelot thing too badly and want to bring him in again.

Akiva Goldsman, the screenwriter behind A Beautiful Mind and I Am Legend among many others, is preparing to make his feature directing debut with Winter's Tale, which isn't an adaptation of the Shakespeare play but Mark Helprin's slightly supernatural novel. According to Variety Goldsman wants Farrell to play the lead role, a young thief who falls in love with the terminally ill daughter of a wealthy man. Apparently Farrell is asking for a higher payday thanks to the buzz around his Total Recall, so Goldsman is also lining up some backup options, only one of whom actually sounds like a reasonable stand-in for Farrell. Luke Evans? OK, yeah, he's cheaper than Farrell and around the same age. But Garrett Hedlund, Liam Hemsworth, Aaron Johnson and Benjamin Walker are all substantially younger-- Hemsworth is 22!-- and not at all like Colin Farrell. How on earth is that switch going to happen?

Let's just hope Farrell takes the job, then, and keeps this awkward casting process from moving forward. With Martin McDonagh's Seven Psychopaths also out this year, Farrell is on a really good run, and a project this interesting-- and also different from what he's done lately-- could make a nice addition to this winning streak.

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