With the exception of Josh Brolin, who is set to play the film's lead, Spike Lee's remake of Oldboy is having a bit of trouble finding actors to fill the other roles. In recent months we've heard stories about both Christian Bale and Rooney Mara being offered the villain and female lead roles, respectively, but both ended up turning the offers down. Most recently it was reported that Colin Firth was offered the role of the antagonist, but it appears that he's come to the same decision as both Bale and Mara.

Twitch, the same site that reported that the offer was out to firth, has learned that last year's Best Actor Oscar winner has decided not to star in the new Spike Lee movie. Since getting the offer in November, Firth has talked about the project in the press, but never said whether or not he would actually star. Now that he has passed, the search is on to find another actor to play the part. In our recent interview with producer Roy Lee it was learned that the project is scheduled to start production in March, meaning that it would be beneficial to nail down performers to play the remaining two leads sooner rather than later. The story follows a man who is kidnapped for seemingly no reason and kept imprisoned for 15 years. One day he is given his freedom, clothes, some money and a cell phone and he begins to hunt down the person responsible for the lost years of his life.

So it's not going to be Christian Bale and it's not going to be Colin Firth. What Oscar winning actor do you think they will go after next? Who do you think would be a good fit for the project? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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