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Comic Con: First Punisher Trailer

Sick of reading our second-hand accounts of the clips and trailers being screened at Comic Con. Well, quit whining! Below we have the first trailer for Punisher: War Zone which debuted yesterday at the San Diego convention. Some of the footage I the same as what was seen in the teaser trailer last month, but there’s enough new information to keep fans happy.

And it works for people who are ignorant of the Punisher’s back story, like me. basically, there’s a villain whose face got mangled (no, not Two Face) and then there’s the Punisher, whose job, simply enough, is to punish the evildoers. Then there’s lots of shooting and fighting, filmed in a decent style. The only trouble comes with the few lines of dialogue that you hear—Ray Stevenson, in the title role, actually has to say “Sometimes I’d like to get my hands on God.” If that’s representative of the rest of the movie’s dialogue, we’re in trouble. For now, though, just enjoy the full trailer and hope for the best.

Punisher War Zone Exclusive Premiere Trailer | Movies & TV |

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Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend