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Comic Con In Photos: Seth Rogen Unveils Green Hornet's Sweet Ride

As predicted the unveiling of Green Hornet’s sweet, sweet new ride happened tonight at the San Diego Comic Con. Seth Rogen was on hand with producer Neil Moritz, director Michel Gondry, producer/writer and Evan Goldberg to whip the cover off The Black Beauty, The Green Hornet’s machine-gun toting transportation. Here’s the surprising thing: It looks pretty much the same as it always has.

The car is a 1965 Chyrsler Imperial, much like the Black Beauty used in the iconic Green Hornet TV series. They’ve shined it up for the movie and mounted a pair of wicked looking, chain-fed machine guns on the hood (and is that a flame thrower in the front grill?), but otherwise it’s the Black Beauty fans remember… only even better. I love the retro simplicity of it. Batman when the other direction with the tricked up Batpod, but sometimes all you need is a big engine, solid steel, and four good tires.

Click one of the images below to browse through our complete gallery of images from The Green Hornet unveiling of Black Beauty, and if you’re one of the lucky few at Comic Con right now, let us know if you talk Rogen into giving you a ride.