Daredevil Remake Already

Say what you want about the guys over at JoBlo, but when they read something they read all of it. In doing so, they discovered an interesting little tidbit at the bottom of a story on Variety, offered almost as an aside. Apparently, Daredevil may get a second chance courtesy of a (warning: annoying buzz word) reboot.

The story discusses 20th Century Fox’s future plans for its superhero properties. It sounds like they’re trying to mimic what Warner Bros. is doing, and devise some sort of cohesive strategy for their men in tights. Warner Bros. is of course, only copying Marvel so it’s sort of a copy of a copy… and if you’ve seen Multiplicity then you know how well that usually works out. The end of Variety’s story says this: “The studio is even considering reviving the Daredevil property... I like pizza Steve." Ok, I added that last part.

If at first you don’t succeed… right? I don’t know. First, let’s stop calling these things reboots and call them what they are: remakes. Only now, instead of remaking stuff from 20 years ago, Hollywood is remaking movies from 3 years ago. It won’t be long now before every studio just releases the same 20 or 30 movies every year, and just keeps doing them over and over and over again. That’s really the only step left.

I realize that a lot of people didn’t like Daredevil, but on the scale of awful superhero flicks it’s really not that bad. It’s lightyears better than Elektra or Ghost Rider for instance. The only people who were really disappointed in it were fans of the comic who had grandiose expectations. If Fox decides to remake it, they’ll really only be doing it for them… and unfortunately for Fox the number of people out there who have actually read Daredevil or for that matter even care about the character is relatively small. If Hulk suffered from diminishing returns when Marvel rebooted it this summer, imagine the dropoff for a minor superhero character like Daredevil if he’s done over again, with such a short break in between. Sounds like a terrible idea to me.

It’s not like we’re out of superheroes. Plenty of other characters out there who haven’t gotten a movie yet, which Fox can suck dry to fill their pocket books. Why bother with Daredevil? Come on, blindness is not a superpower. Enough already.

Josh Tyler