Christopher Nolan has never made a director's cut of one of his films, but could he change the pattern for The Dark Knight Rises? That's the rumor going around, at least, with a report that Nolan will make his first director's cut available on the film's Blu-Ray release, currently unannounced but probably due later this year.

The story comes from Nuke the Fridge, a site with an unproven reputation for breaking news-- especially news about the ultra-secretive Nolan-- and that themselves warn to treat this as a rumor. But we did learn, thanks to the film's costume designer Lindy Hemming, that scenes that dug further into Bane's origin were cut from the film, and surely there are other scenes that didn't quite make the final version. There's also the fact that the 70mm print of the film that showed on IMAX screens barely fit on the platter allotted for the film, because the final cut was so long. Is it possible that Nolan sacrificed some scenes to make the physical IMAX film fit in the projector, and that he wants it all restored in the final Blu-Ray version?

Sure-- yes, it's possible. And why not start making director's cuts with a film as vast and complicated as The Dark Knight Rises, which often bore signs of plot lines trimmed from the story (like Juno Temple's character, Selina Kyle's roommate, who seemed largely forgotten). Given the mixed critical response for The Dark Knight Rises, maybe Nolan's director's cut could turn out to be a secret masterpiece, and he wants to get it out there. Or maybe this is all wishful thinking from those of us who still wish The Dark Knight Rises had been a little better. Only the Blu-Ray release can let us know for sure, and with the movie still playing in theaters everywhere, that's not coming especially soon.

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