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The Dark Knight Rises trailer that we’ve talked about, obsessed over, seen leaked, and some of you may have seen with Harry Potter this past weekend, is finally online in high-res. By now you’ve probably seen it in some form, but this is Batman, which means your pupils deserve to take it in again.

It’s just a teaser, which means Christopher Nolan isn’t showing us much. The first half is mostly recycled footage from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight mixed in with shots of Commissioner Gordon narrating about the city’s need for the Batman from a hospital bed. The second half though, contains not only a pretty great logo but our first shots of a clearly exhausted Batman facing off against the movie’s all but unstoppable villain Bane. Take a look:

Want more? Browse our gallery of ultra-high-res screencap images from the Dark Knight Rises trailer, below. In there you may see some things you missed, like a young Bane doing pushups in his prison cell.