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In case you missed it, last night a flurry of new images and footage from The Dark Knight Rises made their way online, as the film shifts from its secretive early marketing phase to the full-on blitz to make sure everyone knows it's the next must-see movie of the summer (if you're reading this, odds are you knew that already anyway). Now with reports from the set last summer hitting the web, there's more to add to the pile: at Movies.com, they've got four banners for the movie that take images we've already seen them into the film and translate them into really stirring posters. Check out two of them below and click to see all four over there:

The one of Bane facing off against Batman is easily my favorite-- it feels like it's from the battlefield of an epic war movie, or the French revolution, or anything other than what you expect from the modern superhero movie. We still don't know if Christopher Nolan is going to be able to top the enormous success he had with The Dark Knight, but everything about the posters and trailers so far promise that he's at least trying, upping the stakes by introducing a villain as vicious as Bane, and employing design that makes this film look as elegant and inventive as anything we've seen from the director.

The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20, and you should prepare to hear a lot more about it between now and then. No matter how interested you may be in Prometheus or The Amazing Spider-Man or Magic Mike, it's hard to argue there's any film with the level of anticipation that The Dark Knight Rises has-- and Warner Bros. is going to make sure you remember that every day until it opens. For much more on the film, and all the other images we've seen so far, visit our Blend Film Database.